appearance personality will be first then weapons and strength Levi ackkerman is a ackkerman the most popular one in today's society the face of them actually

  • his face is basically like the levi ackkerman from the show he wears a suit now for and thats all
  • his personallity is basically like levi ackkerman from the show... huh
  • weapons he has a large sniper rifle with a 6.5 centimeter bullet that goes 10x faster than regular bullet that can also semi-automatic shoots as fast as a normal pistol doesnt because of this he doesnt usually use hand to hand combat but he can still use it if he wants
  • his strength he can pick up a decent sized car with a bit of effort

hes good in finding out stuff about people like a one man army of the cia and fbi

i thought there would be more to this... huh